Ebook Sale!

Feeling a little chilly in Northern climes? Preparing for the weekend storm or frigid temps? Consider a warming romance book! I am reposting a message from an author which we have recommended, to help boost sales, but also as sales today will support a worthy charity “Dress for Success”. Consider purchasing a book today. Stay warm!!
(10 of my friends have received a copy today as I wanted to support both the author and the charity!)

From the author!
Question: WHAT CAN YOU GET FOR .99 Cents?
A A cup of coffee
B A bottle of nail polish
C A cupcake
D None of the above
And the Answer is: D None of the above.
HOWEVER, starting today through March 6th you can get 359 pages of sizzling romance for just .99 cents and support a great charity all in one fell swoop!
So, if you have the hard copy please consider buying the e-book for your e-reader.
OR you can gift it to a friend or family member. It’s easy. On Amazon, you just click on the bubble on the right hand side that says “Give as a Gift”. That will take you to a screen where you write in the email of the recipient. You can even add a note.
And this is the best part. If you buy the book(s) today I will donate 100% of my profit (up to $200.00) to the charity Dress for Success! I would love to get a boost on Amazon, B&N and iTunes today. A big sales number really make these Etail sites sit up and take notice.
Thank you so much for your support! Let’s spread some LOVE!

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