The Waiting Game

An interesting article on what an author goes through before a book lands in the hands of a reader.

C.H. Armstrong Books

So…here I am, back again…querying for an agent for my second novel, In My Shoes.  It’s the story of a 17 year old girl whose family is homeless and living on the streets of Rochester, MN.  The only thing she wants is to have a normal life and to keep her secret, but secrets have a way of unraveling and a book wouldn’t be a good book if the reader wasn’t sitting on the edge of his seat hoping that (in this case) the secret doesn’t get out.

“Querying” is an odd word, so let me explain what I mean.  When a person writes a book, they have roughly three options:

    1. Self Publish:  The author uses a website like Smashwords or Amazon to upload the file of their book, then they place it for sale to the general public.  This is one way of getting your book out there…

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