Book Review: “Pretty Baby” by Mary Kubica

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PRETTY-BABY-FINAL-COVER-Apr-27Title:  Pretty Baby
Author:  Mary Kubica
Rating: ★★★★★

★ Hated it
★★ Really Didn’t Like it Much at All
★★★ Liked It
★★★★ Really Enjoyed it
★★★★★ LOVED It

Several months ago, I read Mary Kubica’s debut novel, The Good Girl.  I remember gasping at the opening paragraphs, caught by the throat by her writing and needing to know more about the main characters right away.  At the time I placed it near the top of my list as one of the Top Five Books I’ve read in 2015. Today, Ms. Kubica has a fierce challenger — herself!

Late last night, I finally finished Kubica’s latest novel, Pretty Baby.  With so much going on in my life at the moment, it took me weeks to finish it (which is very unusual) but, unlike most novels that sometimes go unfinished when I don’t have the time for them…

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