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Heads up everyone!  Today begins National Banned Books Week, a week set aside each year to celebrate the freedom to read freely.  Hmmm…the freedom to read freely.  What does that mean?  Doesn’t the First Amendment give us that  right?

BBW-logo-1Each year in the United States, scores of books are “challenged” by schools and libraries nationwide.  The reasons are too vast to list them all, but it frequently comes down to one person in a community who feels that the content of a book is inappropriate reading material for the masses.  He takes his concerns to the school, or library, or wherever the book is placed, and asks that it be removed.

What?  This is 2015!  Surely that doesn’t happen today!

It not only does happen, it happens frequently.  Two such cases happened right here in the town I reside; and both within the last few years.

1294_coverThe first is a…

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