Banned Books Day 4: Captain Underpants!

C.H. Armstrong Books

Here we are at day four of Banned Books Week!  Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite books written for young readers:  Captain Underpants!

Really?  Captain Underpants?  Yes!  Captain Underpants!  I love these books!  I loved them roughly fifteen years ago when my daughter (now 19) brought the first one home and, since then, I’ve loved every one I’ve seen.  I couldn’t wait until my 11 year-old son was ready for them!

Artwork by author Dave Pilkey to celebrate his character's love of reading and banned books Artwork by author Dav Pilkey to celebrate his character’s love of reading and banned books

Why do I like them?  Because they’re funny, and because they capture the interests of young and reluctant readers.  I remember sitting up late one night with my mother-in-law — long after my daughter had gone to bed — as we laughed so hard we cried over some of the antics of Pilkey’s characters.  They were…

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