Book Review: Mind of the Phoenix

C.H. Armstrong Books

phoenix-webThere is truly nothing I love more in a book than one that surprises me.  Late last night I finished Jamie McLachlan’s, Mind of the Phoenix, and to say that this book surprised me is a complete understatement.  I was not only surprised, but very pleasantly so.  Let me explain.

Jamie is a friend of mine — we both have our first books coming out by Penner Publishing this year or early next.  Even even before I knew Jamie, I wanted to read her book because the title and premise sounded interesting.  And then I met Jamie online, found that I really liked her, and then offered to read and review her book.  And that’s when the worry set in.  Jamie writes Speculative Science Fiction.  Translated, that means that she writes the kind of books that I often don’t enjoy.  I’m too firmly based in the real world to…

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