Part 2 of “Easter Eggs” in The Edge of Nowhere

Day Two of local author C.H. Armstrong’s behind-the-scenes look at the writing of The Edge of Nowhere

C.H. Armstrong Books

Yesterday I began a several part series about some of the “Easter Eggs” found in my  novel, The Edge of Nowhere.  Today I’d like to continue this train of thought with a few more “Nerd Nuggets” as my friend, Katherine Dell, called them yesterday (and gave me quite a giggle in the process!).  To see Part One of this series, you can use THIS LINK.

“Easter Eggs” in The Edge of Nowhere
A Silent Nod to the People & Places Important to Me
Part Two:  Will Harrison

The character of Will Harrison is intensely personal and very important to me.  He was not only the main character’s first husband, but everything about him represents my own grandfather.

Similar to Will Harrison, whose full name — William Jackson Harrison — is revealed when he marries Victoria, my own grandfather was named William Jefferson Hedrick.  It was important to me to…

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“Easter Eggs” in The Edge of Nowhere (Part One)

Local Author, C.H. Armstrong, talks about the “Easter Eggs” that can be found in her novel, The Edge of Nowhere. Take a peek.

C.H. Armstrong Books


I think most writers probably leave little “Easter Eggs” in their novels for readers.  Sometimes those Easter Eggs are generic enough that anyone will find them, and other times they are intended for certain audiences.  In The Edge of Nowhere, there are a ton of Easter Eggs.  Some of these are a silent nod to important people in my life, and others are to the places and things that are important to me. Over the next several days or longer, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to sharing them with you.

The Characters in The Edge of Nowhere:
A Silent Nod to the Important People in My Life
Part One

Dr. Heusman

Dr. Heusman is a main character in The Edge of Nowhere.  Like Doc Baker from Little House in the Prairie, Dr. Heusman is always the go-to guy when people have a problem. He’s the first person Victoria’s…

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