Easter Eggs (Part 5) in The Edge of Nowhere

Reblogging from C.H. Armstrong Books & Blog. This is the post Rochester Author, C.H. Armstrong, put up today regarding the landmarks found within the novel, The Edge of Nohwere. Interesting.

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FULL RESOLUTION EONContinuing my ongoing series about the “Easter Eggs” contained in The Edge of Nowhere, I’d like to talk a bit about the landmarks found within the novel.  For today’s post, I’ll focus on those landmarks found within the city of El Reno, and tomorrow I’ll continue this train of thought with the farms “East of Town” that are located in what locals should know as the community of Banner.

I think it’s no surprise by now that the town of El Reno holds a special place in my heart.  When I sat down to write The Edge of Nowhere, there was simply never any other place that ever entered my mind for the setting.  El Reno was where my father grew up, and where many of the actual events would’ve taken place.  So, for the “in town” scenes of this book, El Reno was always the only choice.


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Book Review: Drawn to Her by Jenna Harte

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dth450Drawn to Her

A Review
★★★★ / ★★★★★

One of the coolest perks of being a published author is having the opportunity to preview books by other authors before their official release dates.  Recently,  my friend Jenna Harte wanted a second set of eyes to check errors in the final draft of her novel, Drawn to Her.  I had time on my hands — I have nothing but time on my hands these days since I’m still recovering from a fractured knee! — so I volunteered to help.

I have good news and bad news for Jenna.  The bad news is that I made a lousy second pair of eyes.  The reason for that is actually the good news:  I enjoyed the story so much that I forgot that my “job” was to look for errors in the text, and found myself instead so wrapped up in the story…

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