Ebook Sale!

Feeling a little chilly in Northern climes? Preparing for the weekend storm or frigid temps? Consider a warming romance book! I am reposting a message from an author which we have recommended, to help boost sales, but also as sales today will support a worthy charity “Dress for Success”. Consider purchasing a book today. Stay warm!!
(10 of my friends have received a copy today as I wanted to support both the author and the charity!)

From the author!
Question: WHAT CAN YOU GET FOR .99 Cents?
A A cup of coffee
B A bottle of nail polish
C A cupcake
D None of the above
And the Answer is: D None of the above.
HOWEVER, starting today through March 6th you can get 359 pages of sizzling romance for just .99 cents and support a great charity all in one fell swoop!
So, if you have the hard copy please consider buying the e-book for your e-reader.
OR you can gift it to a friend or family member. It’s easy. On Amazon, you just click on the bubble on the right hand side that says “Give as a Gift”. That will take you to a screen where you write in the email of the recipient. You can even add a note.
And this is the best part. If you buy the book(s) today I will donate 100% of my profit (up to $200.00) to the charity Dress for Success! I would love to get a boost on Amazon, B&N and iTunes today. A big sales number really make these Etail sites sit up and take notice.
Thank you so much for your support! Let’s spread some LOVE!

June 14, 2014, HUGE Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Book Sale

We’ll be setting phasers to “stunning deals” on Science Fiction, slashing prices on Horror and the Fantasy book bargains will be flying off the ‘elves.

martian readingVisit us on Saturday, June 14th from 10:00am to 1:00pm in the library entryway where we will have loads of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy books on sale during our June “Second Saturday” sale.