Book Review – My Lucky Life in and out of Show Business (A Memoir)

My Lucky Life in and out of Show Business – A memoir
A Review by Kaye Aune

Dick Van Dyke’s memoir, My Lucky Life in and out of  Show Business, is a self-portrait of Van Dyke’s family, personal struggles and successes in the 60 years of being in show business.  Using his well-loved humor and openness in a very moving manner, Van Dyke takes us on a  travel through his childhood:  one of love but not much money, as everyone was poor.  We follow his career from singing and dancing in the Air Force Special Services, and then into radio, theatre, TV and the movies as he entertained the world.

Van Dyke calls his career “luck,” but others know better.  It was a merging of kindness and talent which formed such a funny man.  A Must Read!

This book is available at the Rochester Public Library in large print.