Unusual & Special Books Stewardship Team

Summer Activities

Offered over 100 items at RochesterFest sale table in RPL lobby; sold ~$700 worth 
 Highlights of the Rochesterfest Sale:
  • Tomie diPaola child’s book in unknown language [turned out to be Japanese]
  •  Handmade Chinese scrapbook
  • Little Black Sambo  (1972)
  • Very old autograph book              
  • Very large & heavy art books
  • Wanda Gag’s “Three Gay Tales from Grimm” 
  • Leftovers redirected to the
    bookstore (collectible shelves and general stock)
    display case (>$100 sold from there)
    to-be-listed-on-Amazon queue
    U&S storage cabinets for future displays/sales
Sold two collectible children’s books on Amazon.com:
  • Broom Closet Family   ($35)
  • How the Mole Got His Pockets   ($150)
Listed old calendars for sale on Amazon.com
Installed Little Books display in glass case

Forwarded “Marriage License Bonds of Accomack County, Virginia from 1774-1806” to the Clerk of Court
  in Accomac, VA

Researched/evaluated/priced/dispensed several hundred books

Rochesterfest BOOKSALE

The last few hours of our huge booksale will take place today. Stop in for amazing deals on some great summer reading!

A wise man will select his books, for he would not wish to class them all under the sacred name of friends. Some can be accepted only as acquaintances. The best books of all kind can be taken to the heart and cherished as his most precious possession. John Alfred Langford (1823-1903)

Rochesterfest Booksale – last few hours!

LAST DAY FOR THE FRIENDS BOOKSALE!! Get your summer reads!!!
We had a great day yesterday with over $2500 (by donation), so help us achieve more funding for the library! Good books are still left, in all categories (travel, mysteries, paperbacks, hardcovers, children’s, etc etc etc). There are also FREE Library discards!

Rochesterfest – Special and Unusual Books!

There will be a great collection of some Unusual and Special Books at the Rochesterfest Friends Book Sale!
They have limited hours 10:00 – 2:00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, June 22 & 23, so be sure to drop in when they are available.
 Presented on Christmas 1881 to Miss Jennie Boyle of Decatur, Michigan, it contains 45 autographs [“May your name be found on the ‘page white and fair’.”] as well as almost 20 stunningly unused floral-decorated pages.

Rochesterfest Book Sale

Our  huge two-day sale featuring tens of thousands of books is held during Rochesterfest in the Library auditorium. This is a perfect chance to find ALL your summer beach reads!

Wednesday, June 22  Book Sale
9:30am – 8:00pm – Auditorium
(Friends have early entry at 9:00 am)

Unusual, Special Booksale
10:00am – 2:00pm
Thursday, June 23 Book Sale
9:30am – 7:30pm – Auditorium

Unusual, Special Booksale

10:00am – 2:00pm

Remember to stop by the Friends’ Bookstore with your Rochesterfest button and receive a free book!