Book Reviews: Short Takes

Short takes –
I have 6 other book reviews coming out in the next few weeks, and there are simply so many interesting books to recommend. SO, here are a few that caught my fancy that you might want to try. All Library books!

I so thoroughly enjoy Alan Bennet’s writing style, whether memoir or fiction. Smut is his recent short story collection (two), while A Life like Other People’s is from his previous book Untold Stories.
Kathy Reichs has started a young adult series, Seizure is the second  (NB I think they need to be read in order, as too much wouldn’t make sense in this second book). I thought the first was quite entertaining and look forward to reading the next installment!
I just don’t know where to place this book – it is by the author of a Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snickett, so I thought this must be fun. It was quite bizarre, being  a series of short stories or essays that are somehow connected. The individual characterisations are priceless, but I am still feeling clueless!