Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.  

Nudge define by Webster as to touch or push gently

Defined by Monty Python as to draw attention to a sexual innuendo in a previous statement 

I have to let Mercy go.

I have to get on with my other reading.

I have to get on with my life.

When I requested the latest book in the Mercy Thompson series, I was impatient for it to arrive. So I reread the Alpha and Omega series, which complements it but also provides valuable, in depth crossover characters. Then I found her Shifting Shadows, a book of short stories which are fantastic, in having stories which complete your knowledge of some of the main characters. As well as another chapter from Adam’s welcome viewpoint of the previous book Night Broken, (as well as a lovely story from just after Night Broken derived from a nightmare Briggs had! These stories contain ‘spoilers’ for the books, but could be read before Fire Touched). Then my Netgalley copy wouldn’t download properly and I decided enough was enough, I bought the hardback edition. I do not own a single copy of either series, although I would like them all. I was introduced to Briggs last summer with a local librarian telling me she loved it. I was a big fan of Charles, perhaps because the Mercy Thompson series was read out of order. Please note all these books stand alone but they are much more readable in order of publication and character development. The short stories are also essential reading to both series as they provide interesting background to each story line. Yes these are werewolves. And here be monsters. But I seldom read stories a second time, let alone a third time (finally all in order). Highly recommended.

Title: Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

5 Stars *****

Publisher: Penguin group (March 2016). 342 pp

Genre: fantasy, science fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, action/adventure

Author: Patricia Briggs is a NY Times best selling author of urban fantasy (since 1993 with the publication of Masques). She was a history and German major. Briggs obviously loves horses (Dead Heat), has a “small herd” and an interesting website/Facebook and blog

This is the 9th book in the Mercy Thompson series, each installment is well written with developing characters, good action and an interesting mixture of mythology and world building. They take place in the Tri-Cities area along the Columba River, PNW.

Each book is a complete story but the characters develop with each episode. I love the diverse characters: from Coyote, the Gray Lords (fae), vampires, werewolves, Underhill, tibicena, and unknown monsters. I am invested in them and want to know so much more. I was lucky enough to have discovered these only last year, so have read all of them within the last few months, without waiting years for the story arc. It’s going to be a long wait for the next installment. Silence Fallen (2017) with Mercy going to Europe!? (I think that should be Charles and Anna!)

Story line:

Mercedes Thompson Hauptman is a coyote shapeshifter in a werewolf world. Her Native American heritage put her in the care of the Montana pack of Bran, The Marok (head of all werewolf clans in North America) until she struck out on her own. Her day job is Volkswagen mechanic extraordinaire. The rest of the time she is saving the world. Neither pays well. Mercy is a strong, independent, funny, smart heroine, always trying to save someone else. She stands up for what’s right. This makes her vulnerable, likable, lovable, dependable, unpredictable and great fun.

Mercy is also now the mate of alpha Adam, after much machination (see first six books). The depth of his feelings have never been in doubt. They have if anything intensified. Interesting that we continue to put human values/feelings in other creatures, very mistakenly in the case of The Fae here. Yet somehow there is so much reality that we are completely at home in Mercy’s world. Mercy always seems to win against impossible odds. I, personally, depend on that. These are adrenaline filled reads (this time there are trolls), while also emotionally satisfying (history, Justice, humor, family, pizza). There is still much looming ahead, war between the fae and humans, or werewolves and everyone. Each side should know that they need to be on Mercy’s side, if they expect to win (to paraphrase Lincoln).

Read on:

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Read on to Alpha and Omega series with Charles and Anna

If you like series by Charlaine Harris, Karen Marie Moning, Kim Harrison


If something dire was going to happen, in my experience, it would happen whatever I was doing and waiting around was singularly useless. So I worked.

Holy Avon, Batman, I thought, as worry relaxed into annoyance tinged humor, I’ve been attacked by a multilevel marketer.

St. John’s wort, lavender, orange, she said briskly. This isn’t chemical castration….as if the phrase..was a common concept -and something one might consider doing to one’s husband.

Darryl kissed my hand formally, and said, you are endlessly entertaining.

My super power consisted of changing into a thirty five pound coyote.

….children help the power because they were in the process of becoming something. In that promise was magic – and it was like catnip to the fae.

Not as surprised and four times as please as my compatriots, I vow. You’ve been reading The Lord of the Rings again. 

Salt neutralizes the magic. What Uncle Mike did is the equivalent of using water to start a fire.


Received as an ARC ebook from Netgalley, as well as purchased hardcover. Available from Rochester Public Library (several as Ebooks).